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img_3375 Labeculae Vivae: Stains Alive

Codicology, Database, English Language, Manuscripts, Material Culture, Medieval, Research Project, Searchable

img_2478 The Labyrinth: Resources for Medieval Studies

English Language, Medieval, Research Aids, Searchable

img_3160 The Life and Miracles of St. Edmund

12th Century, Anglo-Norman, Anglo-Saxon, Digital Exhibits, Digital Manuscripts, England, English Language, Saints

img_3162 Lindau Gospels

9th Century, Codicology, Digital Exhibits, Digital Manuscripts, English Language, Latin Manuscripts, Manuscripts, Scripture, Switzerland

img_2350 LingBuzz

Digital Texts, English Language, Languages, Open Access, Searchable

img_3252 A Linguistic Atlas of Late Medieval English

Database, Digital Texts, England, English Language, Languages, Late Middle Ages, Middle English, Research Aids, Searchable

img_3269 Littera Carolina: The Network for the Study of Caroline Minuscule

8th Century, 9th Century, 10th Century, 11th Century, Carolingian, Database, Digital Humanities, Early Middle Ages, English Language, Manuscripts, Monasticism, Palaeography, Research Aids, Searchable, Societies

img_2427 Littera Visigothica

Blogs, Codicology, Digital Humanities, Diplomatic, English Language, Iberia, Manuscripts, Medieval, Music, Palaeography, Personal Page, Research Aids, Visigoths

img_1985 Loeb Classical Library

Ancient, English Language, Latin, Greek, Medieval, Publishers

img_1976 Loeb Classical Library: Digital

Ancient, Digital Texts, English Language, Greek, Latin, Medieval, Searchable, Subscription Required

img_3045 The Lone Medievalist

Blogs, English Language, Medieval, Research Aids, Searchable, Social Media, Societies